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What are the problems encountered by a couple in planning a Wedding Function?

This is a discussion I had with Mr. Regan Weerasooriya Managing Director, Art Your Wedding institute who is having a lot of experience in planning wedding ceremonies and who won an award at the International Star for Quality Gold Award and got the second place at the 16th Star Award festival defeating 162 countries which was held in Geneva, Switzerland in 2015. We discussed about the matters that a couple who are getting ready to have their marriage which is the long awaited and most important event in one’s life.
There are some major problems. People who have a busy schedule in their daily life find it difficult to arrange a wedding ceremony as they don’t know how to find wedding hall facilities, to conduct Poruwa Ceremonies, finding photographers, decorators, dress makers for the bride and bridegroom and beautifying them and all other necessities. In addition, selecting a suitable theme for the occasion, lack of experience in arranging a wedding, planning a beautiful wedding ceremony within the anticipated budget. All these are problems for a couple to be married. For example, going about here and there looking for various artists proficient in connected fields, taking appointments with them meeting them and discussing various aspects of the wedding. In this way, they will have to go and meet at least 25 artists and it will take at least 15 days. What about the time and money and energy lost. Due to this they will have to face a big stress. Another occasion that such a couple will have to face is the problems of meeting and getting down the artists to arrange the various tasks on the wedding day. At the same time, like everything else even wedding arrangements and customs etc. change every day. For this, you must have a team of professionals who know about the latest fashions and trends to attract your friends and relations. You must have beautiful settings so that it will become a talking point among them for a long time. Without professionals in the field, a couple will have to face a lot of problems in the context of changes taking place almost every day.

How do you plan a wedding successfully having solved us above problems?

For this purpose, you will have to get ready at least a year or 6 months ago having taken the advice of experienced professionals. In this task our knowledge, experience, new and creative ideas will help you to arrange a best wedding ceremony with lowest rates with discounts and you are assured all the above by “Art Your Wedding” As such, if a couple wishes to have a 100% responsible and complete and artistic wedding the advice and guidance given by the “Art Your Wedding” and their wedding planners will be most helpful.
Having a wedding plan in advance will be profitable in many respects. In our discussions with the couple we listen to them and point out the short comings and show them the way to improve their ideas and give instructions regarding the customs and traditions including how to reduce costs. When we know the limit of expenses they have in mind we give them a suitable theme and provide the services of best artists in the field to add beauty to the function. When we know their tastes, we can provide the latest costumes, decorations and related creations to suit their taste obtaining the services of about 300 best artists living all over the Island. They are giving us a considerable discount for their services and “Art Your Wedding” is giving 100% of the discount to their customers. This will enable then to have their wedding ceremony with the minimum cost.
As we take 100% responsibility of the wedding ceremony, the couple has nothing to think about or worry about. As we said earlier, it will prevent unnecessary expenses and labour. Why you should select “Art Your Wedding” is that we are not a firm depending solely on the money and the profit. Sometimes, there may be a large number of invitees for the function. If they see at least a small mistake or a shortcoming it will spread among a large number of people and such a thing will ruin our prestige. As such, we are more concerned with pleasing our customers to the maximum and preserving our prestige and to improve our services more and more. As such, we always try to add more and more ideas and conduct the ceremony correctly and beautifully. It will preserve our dignity and prestige and will give more opportunities to propective couples to obtain our services. It will surely lead to our progress.

How do you charge when planning a wedding?

Yes. It reminds me to tell you something more important. Some people think that Wedding Planners while charging a fee take commissions from various artists. There may be people who do that. But the question is whether they know the meaning of a Wedding Plan. They think that planning a wedding is such a simple thing as providing all the necessities of a wedding function but wedding planner is not a person whose job is limited to that alone. It has a concept which has a deep meaning and only a knowledgeable person could handle a wedding.
When we compare our services with other institutes, our work is different. On the day of the function one of our co-ordinaters will come to the salon. He will supervise everything from dressing to the bouquet. Flower decorations, photography etc. are specially supervised. We too get a discount from some artists. We give such money to the customer 100% as a discount. It is a special advantage given to our customers. We charge only a very reasonable amount. The reason is that we want to take the name of our institute to the masses.

If we are to mention something about “Art your wedding”?

“Art your wedding” is an institute established about 8 years ago for the purpose of “Wedding planning” in Sri Lanka. In about the year 2007 “Wedding planning” concept was not a service so popular in Sri Lanka. We contacted artists in other countries and through discussions with them, have acquired a vast experience about “Wedding planning” and developed the concept to suit Sri Lanka. We gave wide publicity to the service through various T.V. programmers. Today, we have a large staff with branches at Panadura, and Moratuwa and we are establishing another branch in Kandy. In the mean time, we were invited to participate in the International Star Award for quality held in Geneva, Switzerland in 2015 at which our institute won the second place at the International Star for Quality Award out of 162 countries. By now, our institute has become a friendly and efficient institute with vast experience consisting of a clever. staff who are always ready to help you. We are capable of giving our services in any country at any place arranging your wedding function in any manner you like. Another important thing is that we are in possession of “Customized Packages” for the couple to suit their taste.

What did “Art Your Wedding” introduce to Sri Lanka ?

If we are to give details about what “Art Your Wedding” introduced to Sri Lanka.

1. Wedding Loans,

We introduced the concept of “Wedding Loans” to a number of institutes, At present, a number of banks and various institutes have developed this concept. They have already given loans. Even now, if a couple comes to our institute and if they have financial problems, we can get them loans through banks and accepted institutes to arrange for loans at very low interest rates to complete their wedding. In such instances, they especially request for the recommendation of “Art Your Wedding” institute.

2. Wedding web site,

Wedding website is entirely a new concept in Sri Lanka. The main aim of this concept is to give the wedding couple something extra after the wedding album for them to member for a long time. A website which gives them all the photos, videos and pre-shots etc, which include memorable things and experiences etc. A special feature of this is to prepare the Domain name in the names of the couple. For example, a web address like
Through this concept the couple can give a complete picture of the wedding to their friends and relations in a more detailed manner and they can send their good wishes photos and videos and even their comments which is a very nice experience.

3. Photo Booth,

At present, we have found a large land in which we are creating a photo booth in it. Under this concept the couple need not go in search of various locations to take photos when they come to our photo booth, they can make any location they like and take photos as they want with the photographer of their choice in the booth. In this case there are some extra facilities like changing rooms, car parking, restaurants and food etc. without trouble.

4. Wedding Directory

This is an international wedding directory. Through this the couple can plan their wedding ceremony. The necessary articles etc. can be found from the Directory Photos, Contact details etc. can be obtained from our directory. By now we have a large collection of details of artists in our directory. At the same time, we take responsibility for the artists whom we recommend.

What are the future plans for development?

If we speak of future plans we have a separate TV program concerning weddings alone. It is ideal for all artists in this field. We feel that the program will be a great help and valuable guide to impending couples.
We also hope to open up branch offices at all major towns in the island and give maximum service regarding their wedding.

How is the public demand as a business?

Very good. We have got the ability to provide an attractive service to our customers and it has been possible to build up confidence among our Customers. That is why we were able to come forward as a business.