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Sandeepani Anuradha

Hi Friends, My wedding was held in March 2016. I got married to Lakshita. Both of us were doctors and we worked in a hospital in England. As such, organizing our marriage became a big problem. We could not get leave to come to Sri Lanka to arrange the marriage in advance. Later we tried to find wedding planners to arrange our wedding. We discussed about it with a number of persons. But due to very high price and conditions we could not trust them. Later we came to know about “Art your Wedding institute”. Talking to them alone was lucky. The reason was they were very friendly. Unlike others they did not quote high prices. They talked to us through the skype and telephone. They encouraged us and undertook all responsibilities of our wedding. When we came two weeks prior to the wedding, they had completed a major part of the arrangements. Actually, we have no words to thank them. They taught us many things which we were not ware of At lasr our wedding was held so beautifully that we never expected. I recommend to you Art your Wedding without any hesitation. If your wedding ceremony is close by Art your Wedding is the best Wedding Planner in Sri Lanka.


Rahal Weerasinghe

Hi, i'm working in Sri Lanka Air Force. I am very happy to write this letter on your behalf. I must specially mention of Manoj and Ragan two Wedding Planners. who gave us the biggest assistance. I am a very busy person. So is my wife, While doing our job, it was actually very difficult to arrange our wedding. But a friend of mine introduced me to Ragan. He had a very friendly discussion with us. He understood very well the way that we wanted to hold our wedding. He has a large number of technicians. He understood my plans better than me and did everything well. I did not have to go to various places to do things. A lot of time and money could be saved. Everything was very beautiful. It is a pleasing remembrance. Today Ragan has become my best friend. The reason is that he arranged our wedding beyond my expectations at a very low cost. Thank you, Ragan, we wish you and your institute best of luck.


Aruni Attanayake

I am Aruni Attanayake I got married to Samith. We are working in Colombo. Both of us are very busy persons. We had no time to arrange anything. We had no knowledge about it either There was no person for us to look and attend to necessities. As such, we phoned the “Art your Wedding” institute. They discussed with us well about everything. We had little money. I was in my tears about doing the marriage with so little. But they planned everything to suit our purse. Actually we are very happy about their service.


Nalaka Dissanayake

I am Nalaka & a Manager by profession. Having the marriage ceremony was a big challenge for both of us. The reason was that we knew nothing about it and also the lack of time. We did not know about the best Wedding Planners. But Ragan explained everything to us. He created a special package on our behalf at a very low cost. We had nothing to fear. We are very glad for joining Art your wedding.


Sujani Balasuriya

Our wedding was held on 16th May. We came to know about Art your Wedding only after booking the hotel through the face book. We really did not have a big plan for the wedding. We called just for the sake of calling. Then we came to know about Ragan. Then we discussed about the function. We are very glad they did everything beautifully. We had nothing to be afraid. Of first, I thought that they will charge a big amount. But no, the charged a very reasonable amount.


Dilki Shenaya

hi, My wedding was planned by “Art Your Wedding” institute. I came to know about them about a year ago at a wedding. They had done it very nicely. Due to the trust built up on that day, I entrusted my wedding to them. They had done it at very reasonable rates. I didn’t have to go to various places to find various things. Everything was arranged by Art Your Wedding. Thank you. Wish you good luck.